TORCH Fellowship Trailblazers in Oral Health Research Scholars of African-American Heritage Fellowship Award (Up to $45,000) 


Application deadline is midnight May 25th of the application year.


The Colgate/National Dental Association Foundation Trailblazers in Oral Health Research Scholars of African-American Heritage (TORCH) program was created to recognize the best and brightest scientists and dental scientists of African-American descent, and to help move oral health science impacting communities of color forward. This program is a direct commitment by Colgate and the NDAF to meet the need for scientists of color and diversity in science. Top scholars will be chosen and provided awards that include 0.75 FTE salary support (Up to $45,000), mentorship, professional development, and industry exposure.

The rigorous application process will help highlight the remarkable scientific talent in communities of color. Awards will be announced during the Annual National Dental Association Convention.

Must be a current post doc at the time of application with strong letters of support, demonstrated evidence of the ability to work independently, commitment to work in the field of oral health research for at least one year post training. Academic awards and recognition will be considered. Applicants are required to upload a transcript that displays their name, school name, classes taken, and GPA. Please see below for further requirements.


  • 1. Official Transcript from dental and or graduate school
    2. Post qualifying exam PhD student, Post Doc, Post DDS/ Specialty
    3. Relevant science experience in Microbiology, biochemistry, biomaterials, pharmacology/toxicology, health disparities, others
    4. Three (3) letters of recommendation are required with one letter from your academic mentor. Letters of recommendation will be heavily weighed.
    5. Submit curriculum vitae, including your graduate/professional school achievements
    6. Participate in a video interview
    7. Write a narrative detailing your oral health journey and aspirations


Include with Application

  • 1. Letter of request for consideration
  • 2. Curriculum vitae
  • 3. Description of the program you are entering
  • 4. A letter of nomination from your Program Director
  • 5. The total cost of graduate program
  • 6. The stipend amount you will receive, if any
  • 7. Two (2) letters of recommendation


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