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Partners for Life

Partners For Life

The NDA Foundation’s Partners for Life Program (PFLP), provides funds for practitioners who identify 3 middle schools age youth in their practice, and plants a seed of health professions as a viable career. The practitioner then enrolls the student formally in the PFLP and introduces them to the idea of becoming a ‘doctor’.

“Collectively, the nation’s medical, nursing, and dental schools have not succeeded in their efforts to achieve greater diversity among their students and, in turn, to develop a health professions workforce with the skills and diversity needed to maintain the nation’s position as a world leader in health care. Few models of successful minority student development & recruitment efforts exist despite the frequent, and loudly voiced, agreement that this is a problem that can, & must, be solved.” 1

Scholars Leadership Program

Delaney-Dummett Scholars Leadership Program

The Delaney-Dummett Scholars Leadership Program (DDSLP) is a group comprised of the men and women who have received one of the NDA Foundation/ Colgate Palmolive post-doctoral scholarships: Dr. Bessie Delaney Scholarship or Dr. Clifton O. Dummett Scholarship. The Scholarship program has been an integral component of the National Dental Association (NDA)/National Dental Association Foundation (NDAF) and Colgate Palmolive Partnership since it’s inception in 1990. Between 1995 and 2014, there have been twenty (20) recipients of each scholarship, for a total of forty. The recipients are selected on a competitive basis with priority given to applicants demonstrating interest in the NDAF/Colgate major priority areas: public health, public policy, research, pediatric dentistry, and periodontal dentistry.
The association, like the scholarships, is named in honor of two pioneers in dentistry, Dr. Annie Elizabeth “Bessie” Delaney, (September 3, 1891 – September 25, 1995) and Dr. Clifton O. Dummett, (May 20, 1919 – September 7, 2011). Drs. Delaney and Dummett lived in a manner that exemplified the Foundation’s core values: ‘respect for all people’, ‘adhering to the highest moral principles’ and professional standards’, and ‘health and health care is a right and not a privilege’.

IDID Scholars

IDID Scholars

Increasing Diversity in Dentistry (IDID) Scholars Pipeline Program prepares pre-dental college students for dental school. Evidence indicates increasing diversity among health professionals is important to improve access to care for underserved patients, which is one aspect of a lager framework to eliminate oral health disparities. Key program components are: mentoring, academic enrichment, and community service. The program thrives on partnerships with dental societies, dental schools, and other organizations, to promote better oral health outcomes in communities. IDID Scholars sign a 2-year commitment agreement to serve in underserved communities after they complete dental school.
Started in 2010, on the Atlanta University Campus, there are now more than 75 formal IDID Scholars. Donations are always welcomed to help with costs of program activities, which include:

Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) prep materials
DAT for dental school application
Dental school application fees
Extra courses to boost GPA
Living expenses to reduce the need for part-time jobs
Transportation and accommodations to attend NDA annual convention

Dr. Roosevelt Brown Legacy Fund

The Dr. Roosevelt Brown Legacy Fund honors Dr. Brown’s 20-year service to the Foundation, during which he made significant contributions to its growth and sustainability. The $3 million dollar Legacy Fund will provide sustainable funding for the programs developed under Brown’s twenty-year plus leadership tenure.

Gold Leaf Society

The Gold Leaf Society was created by Dr. Roosevelt Brown to raise funds to purchase a home for the NDA Headquarters. In 1995, the property at 3517 16th Street NW, Washington, DC was purchased. The building and renovations costs approximately $400,000 (excluding interest/taxes) in 1995. Contributions toward the housing fund are accepted on an ongoing basis. Names of all donors who contribute $1,000 or more to the Gold Leaf Society are engraved in nameplates and displayed prominently in the foyer and walls of our headquarters. The complete list of donors is distributed at the annual convention. The NDA Headquarters is a source of pride for all African American dentists, and stands as a tribute to our fortitude and endurance. It is the permanent home of the NDA, the NDA Foundation, and all NDA auxiliary organizations: SNDA, NDHA, NDAA, and ANDA.

Scholarship Fundraising

In addition to our partner Colgate-Palmolive, many NDA component societies, NDA auxiliaries, and individual members contribute annually to our scholarship fund. These contributions help increase the total number of scholarships we are able to award each year.

Contributions to the scholarship fund can be made in one of the following ways:
Match program
State NDA societies scholarship program
Individual contributions

Funding Details